Video & Audio

Video & Audio


My Favorites:

Cathe’ Fish, Per­ma­cul­ture Designer, Con­sul­tant, Instructor

The Work That Recon­nects with Joanna Macy

Every­thing is Amaz­ing and Nobody is Happy

Per­ma­cul­ture and Time Car­toon with Geoff Lawton



Ani­mals in Per­ma­cul­ture System

Berk­shire Pigs at Abun­dant Farm

Dump­ster Div­ing to Feed Urban Live­stock with Novella Carpenter

Robyn Fran­cis’ Turkey Enter­tain­ing Himself

Polly & Pudge Dig Up Robyn Fran­cis’ Garden

Pigs in No Till Permaculture


Appro­pri­ate Technology

Biotech, India: Turn­ing Food Waste into BioGas

Per­ma­cul­ture Rocket Stove

Bicy­cle Pow­ered Water Pump with Slow Sand Water Filter

Paint On Solar Power Cells

How I Built My Fam­ily a Wind­mill When I was 14: William Kamkwamba

Brazil­ian Light Bulb from Recy­cled Water Bottle


Bill Mol­li­son, Per­ma­cul­ture Co-Creator

In Grave Dan­ger of Falling Food: Bill Mollison

Dry­land Per­ma­cul­ture Part 1 with Bill Mollison

Dry­land Per­ma­cul­ture Part 2 with Bill Mollison

Dry­land Per­ma­cul­ture Part 3 with Bill Mollison

Tem­per­ate Per­ma­cul­ture Strat­a­gies Part 1 with Bill Mollison

Tem­per­ate Per­ma­cul­ture Strate­gies Part 2 with Bill Mollison

Tem­per­ate Per­ma­cul­ture Strate­gies Part 3 with Bill Mollison

Tem­per­ate Per­ma­cul­ture Strate­gies Part 4 with Bill Mollison



12 Sus­tain­able Design Ideas From Nature for Kids: Janine Benyus



Biore­me­di­a­tion with Fungi: Paul Stamets

Per­ma­cul­ture Creek Repair

Per­ma­cul­ture Hill­side Transformation


David Holm­gren, Co-creator of Permaculture

Future of Sub­ur­bia with David Holmgren


Dreams of Clean Industry

Bioneers 2000: William McDonough

The Wis­dom of Design­ing Cra­dle to Cra­dle: William McDonough

The Clean Indus­trial Rev­o­lu­tion Has Begun 


Eco San­i­ta­tion

500 Show­ers from Com­post Piles

Peak Moment #141: Cre­at­ing a Home Grey­wa­ter System

Poop Smart

Peak Moment TV #172: Pee and Poop Show



Peak Moment TV #83: Prac­ti­cal Tools to Grow an Inten­tional Com­mu­nity with Com­mu­ni­ties Mag­a­zine edi­tor Diana Leafe Christian

Peak Moment TV #84: Cre­at­ing the Impos­si­ble — O.U.R. Ecov­il­lage with Brandy Gal­lagher MacPherson

Crys­tal Waters Aus­tralia Per­ma­cul­ture Vil­lage with Per­ma­cul­ture eco-planner Max Lindegger,



Joel Salatin on TED

One Straw Rev­o­lu­tion Masanobu Fukuoka

A Farm for the Future

GM Crops– Farmer to Farmer

Joel Salatin: Cre­at­ing A For­giv­ing Food Sys­tem that Works No Mat­ter What Happens

Peak Moment TV #58: The Worm Guy, Mark Yelken on his Worm Farm


First Peo­ple

Indige­nous Man­age­ment of Land­scape and Use­ful Plants

Alan Weis­man radio inter­view of the Zapara– 280 Indige­nous left in Ecuado­ran Ama­zon Rain Forest

Ancient Pine Nut Harvest

Hope with Grand­fa­ther Willie White­feather, author Out­door Sur­vival Handbook

My Per­ma­cul­ture Farm in Idaho was on Nez Pierce land. I honor the Nez Pierce (Ne Me Poo)


Food For­est and Fruit Trees

Plant­ing Food For­est with Dar­ren Dougherty

Geoff Law­ton: Intro to Food Forests

Geoff Law­ton: 300 Year Old Viet­namese Food Forest

Per­ma­cul­ture Trio: Robert Hart’s For­est Gar­den, Edi­ble Land­scap­ing, Urban

Estab­lish­ing a Food For­est with Geoff Lawton

How to Prune a Neglected Fruit Tree

Spring Apple Tree Bud Burst– Cor­rectly Pruned

Prun­ing Fruit Trees Part 1

Prun­ing Fruit Trees Part 2

Spur Thin­ning on Apples

For Best Tast­ing Fruit: Thin Fruit Flow­ers or Baby Fruit

How to Sum­mer Prune Fruit Trees for Size



Edi­ble Estates 2: Foti Fam­ily con­verts front yard lawn to vegie gar­den, Lake­wood, CA

Peak Moment #87 How Much food Can I Grow Around My House with Judy Alexander

Gar­den Girl Ver­ti­cal Gar­den­ing 1

Gar­den Girl Ver­ti­cal Gar­den­ing 2

Per­ma­cul­ture Worm Tower



Green­house and Rocket Stove

Rain­wa­ter Catch­ment from a High Tun­nel Green­house for Irri­ga­tion Use


Hybrid Hous­ing

Straw­bale Geo­desic Dome in Israel

Under­ground Eco House



Geof­frey Booth’s Key­line videos

Geof­frey Booth’s Key­line posts


Ways to Inter­act with Money


Money as Debt

Cur­rency Sup­ply Part 1

Cur­rency Sup­ply Part 2


Slow Money with Woody Tasch

Your Money, Your Life, Your Hap­pi­ness with Vicki Robin

Money is My Friend with Phil Laut



Geoff’s Key­line Videos


Nutri­ent Dense Foods

Michael Pol­lan: The Omnivore’s Next Dilema

Sally Fal­lon on 2010 Nutri­tional Guidelines

Peak Moment TV #12 Sus­tain­ing Food, Sus­tain­able Food with Shan Kendall, Gold Coun­try Co-Chapter Leader, Weston A. Price Foundation

Lis­ten to  KHSU Inter­view with 20 year vegan Lierre Keith

Read the first 14 pages of The Veg­e­tar­ian Myth

The Omnivore’s Next Dilemma with author Michael Pollan

The Raw Milk Con­tro­versy #1: Fact & Fic­tion: Dr. Dale and Mike McAfee, owner Organic Pastures

The Raw Milk Con­tro­versy #2: Fact & Fic­tion: Dr. Dale and Mike McAfee, owner Organic Pastures


Per­ma­cul­ture Projects

Djan­bung Gar­dens with Robyn Francis

Djan­bung Gar­dens II with Robyn Francis

Cuban Per­ma­cul­ture with Roberto Perez

Global Land Per­ma­cul­tur with Nicholas Higgins

Towards Per­ma­cul­ture Cen­ters World­wide with Geoff Lawton

Hawai­ian Home­lands Per­ma­cul­ture Cen­ter with Geoff Law­ton and Bll Mollison

Peak Moment TV #68: Bul­lock Broth­ers Orcas Island Home­stead — A 25-Year Permaculture

Crys­tal Waters Aus­tralia Per­ma­cul­ture Vil­lage with Per­ma­cul­ture eco-planner Max Lindegger,

Then scroll down for Jar­lan­bah Aus­tralian Ecov­il­lage with 43 Homes with Per­ma­cul­ture Educator



Plants for a Future Part 1 with Ken Fern

Plants for a Future Part 2 with Ken Fern


We are the Weeds with Geoff Lawton


Rain­wa­ter Harvesting

Har­vest­ing Rain­wa­ter by Not Let­ting It Go to Waste: Brad Lan­caster audio on NPR

Anu­pam Mishra: Ancient Inge­nu­ity of Water Harvesting

Geoff Law­ton: Green­ing the Desert

Green­ing the Desert 2: Green­ing the Mid­dle East with Geoff Lawton

Geoff Lawton’s Plan­ning a Swale

Geoff Lawton:What is a Per­ma­cul­ture Water Har­vest­ing Swales

Geoff Law­ton: Plan­ning a Per­ma­cul­ture Water Har­vest­ing Swale

Geoff Law­ton: Cut­ting the Spill­way or Level Sill



How to Repair the World



Rich­mon Seed Sav­ing library


Soil and Bacteria

Dr. Elaine Ing­ham, Chief Sci­en­tist at Rodale Organic Farm

Zeke the Soil Sheik Tim Dun­don talks about mulch

Bon­nie Blasser: Dis­cov­er­ing Bacteria’s Amaz­ing Com­mu­ni­ca­tion System


Sub­ur­ban Permaculture

Peak Moment #128: Cul­ti­vat­ing a Sub­ur­ban Foodshed

Cre­at­ing a Per­ma­cul­ture Subdivision

Peak Moment TV #37: Sub­ur­ban Per­ma­cul­ture - Jan Spencer, Eugene OR

Peak Moment #100 Sub­ur­ban Per­ma­cul­ture with Janet Barocco,Richard Heinberg

Exper­i­ment in Back Yard Sus­tain­abil­ity: Scott McGuire’s “White Sage Gardens

Sub­ur­ban Sprawl: Andres Duany, Archi­tect Part 1

Sub­ur­ban Sprawl Part 2

Sub­ur­ban Sprawl Part 3

Sub­ur­ban Sprawl Part 4

Sub­ur­ban Sprawl Part 5

Sub­ur­ban Sprawl Part 6

Sub­ur­ban Sprawl Part 7

Sub­ur­ban Sprawl Part 8

Sub­ur­ban Sprawl Part 9



Peak Moment TV #52: Return of the Elec­tric Car with Otmar Ebenhoech

Peak Moment TV #40: Go Elec­tric: Bike Com­mut­ing Made Easy with Sally Lovell

Peak Moment TV #40: Go Elec­tric: Bike Com­mut­ing Made Easy with Sally

Peak Moment TV #78: Alco­hol Can be Gas with David Blume Part1

Peak Moment TV #79: Alco­hol Can be Gas with David Blume Part 2

Peak Moment TV # 107: Plug-in Hybrid Elec­tric Cars that can power the House


Urban Per­ma­cul­ture

Sav­ing Cities — How Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia Reju­ve­nated Itself: Street Reclaim­ing, Cafe Cul­ture and Pedester­ian Par­adise (note: any city can do this)

Green Gueril­las Gang with Robyn Francis

Path to Free­dom: Grow Your Own Food in the city

Path to Free­dom Pasadena, CA:Home Grown Revolution

The Path to Free­dom: Grow­ing 6000# of Organic Food a year in Cal­i­for­nia sub­urbs on 1/5 acre lot

Gar­den Girl turns City Back­yard Into Year Round Vegie Garden

Green­ing the Ghetto: Majora Carte in the South Bronx


Why We need Local Food

What’s Wrong with our Food Sys­tem by 11 Year Old Birke Baehr

Peak Moment #75 Buy Local — How Local Busi­nesses Trans­form Your Com­mu­nity with Sus­tain­abil­ity Connections

The Future of Food Trailer

The Future of Food Intro

The Future of Food Part 1: Van­dana Shiva


What’s Wrong

A Threat to Liv­ing Communities

The Most Impor­tant Video You Will Ever See Part 1 of 8

The Story of Stuff– tuto­r­ial on consumption/trash/decimation of the 3rd world recycyling/reducing/shopping/American consumerism/social justice/pollution

How It All Ends: Ore­gon high-school sci­ence teacher Greg Craven explains Global Cli­mate Change for doubters. Scep­tics watch twice.

Syn­thetic Sea — Plas­tics in the Open Ocean

Life of A Plas­tic Bottle

Must See: What a Way to Go– Life at the End of Empire $24 1–877-FILMBABY

Peak Moment TV episode #72: What a Way to Go fil­mak­ers Tim Ben­nett and Sally Erickson

Peak Moment TV #77: Work­ing through Cli­mate Change Despair to Empow­er­ment with Kelly Tudhope, New Zealand

Peak Moment TV #15: Cli­mate Change and the State of the World with  World­watch Insti­tute Direc­tor of Research Gary Gardner

Peak Moment TV #27: Learn­ing from Cuba’s Response to Peak Oil with Megan Quinn of Com­mu­nity Solution

Twelve Year Old Girl Lec­tures United Nations on Envi­ron­men­tal Destruc­tion and Greed

Still My Gui­tar Gen­tly Weeps from 1986


World Wide Awakening

It’s Not too Late: Van Jones

Blessed Unrest and Wiser Earth: Paul Hawken



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