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How Cor­po­ra­tions Like Mon­santo Have Hijacked Higher Education

Don’t Eat These Foods

Mobile Slaugh­ter­houses Help Meat Go Local

Rocky Times Ahead: Small Friendly Groups Orga­nize for Uncer­tain Future

Tran­si­tion Towns in a Chang­ing World

Bee­line to Extinction

Raise Rabitts

Young French Farm­ers: Cheap Food or Healthy Food

Wild Bison Intro­duced to Mid­west Prarie

Eat Bac­te­ria in Dirt to Boost Brain Power and Fight Depression

Self-Sufficient Farm­ing Increas­ing Yields across Hawaii

Time­line of Recent Mys­te­ri­ous Bird and Fish Deaths

Sui­cide by Pes­ti­cide: India’s Hid­den Cli­mate Change Catastrophe

Sci­en­tif­i­cally Greener

Cor­nu­copia Institue Comes Out With Organic Dairy Scorecard

Organic Egg Scorecard

The Great­est Dan­ger by Joanna Macy

In Kenya, Farm­ers Grow Their Own With­out Monsanto

Van­danya Shiva: Value Soil not Oil

Raw Milk or Dead Milk?

Orange County, Cal­i­for­nia, cou­ple face steep fines — and pos­si­bly jail time — for replac­ing a con­ven­tional grass lawn with drought-tolerant landscaping

Inter­na­tional Jour­nal of Bio­log­i­cal Sci­ences: A Com­par­i­son of the Effects of Three Genet­i­cally Mod­i­fied Corn Vari­eties on Mam­malian Health Sum­mary: Mam­mals Injest­ing GMO Corn Suf­fer Liver, Kid­ney and Heart Damage.

Van­dana Shiva: Farmer Sui­cides in India Linked to Debt, Globalization

The Toi­let that can Help Save our Water and Energy Problems

Pres­sure Rises to Stop Use of Antibi­otics in Agriculture

Slow Money: “Nur­ture Cap­i­tal” for Local Communities

Faced with Water Woes, Cal­i­for­nia Increases Con­ser­va­tion with Gray­wa­ter Sys­tems: State revises Stan­dards for Reusing Wastewater

Ancient Farm­ing Tech­niques to save the Campo

Japan­ese Town Frees Itself From Petroleum

Paul Hawkins Com­mence­ment Address to the Class of 2009 Uni­ver­sity of Portland

Using the ordi­nary to cul­ti­vate the mys­te­ri­ous power of ben­e­fi­cial indige­nous microorganisms

Could Food Short­ages take Down Civilization?

Worm Wran­gling: Why I Love Keep­ing Worms More Than Keep­ing Bees

India’s Green Farm­ing Rev­o­lu­tion Headed for Collapse

Bill Moy­ers inter­views William Black who wrote The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One

Burn­ing Our Bridges to the 21st Century

Chick­ens given roosts in urban backyards

Inter­view with a Prep­per (mod­ern day survivalist)

Inter­view with Bill Mollison

Green­ing the Ghetto with Van Jones

His­toric Move in Europe: Divert farm sub­si­dies from rich cereal ranches to small tra­di­tional farms

Scared to CodeX Death

China’s Cherry Auto Co makes Elec­tric Car with 93 mile range

Dig a Gar­den to become Reces­sion Proof

Masanobu Fukuoka: Apply­ing Nat­ural Farm­ing Tech­niques in Africa

Make Water from Air

Solar in the Desert: Project Will Power 11,000 homes

Search on to Get Food Crops Out of Biofuel

Organic Farm­ing Could Feed Africa

Smith­son­ian Mag­a­zine: What’s Eat­ing Amer­ica by Michael Pollan

Why Not to Use Plas­tic Bags

Masanobu Fukuoka pio­neer of ‘‘nat­ural’’ farm­ing passes away at 95

Gaviota: Colombia’s Green Eco-village

Sus­tain­able Eating

Rain Water Catchment

Costly Farm Fer­til­izer Killing the Ocean

The Facts Behind King Corn

Tra­di­tional Dairies Feel Vin­di­cated as Mon­santo Divests Itself of Dairy Hormones

Old Fash­ioned Farm­ing with Solar Pan­els — Ken­tucky Suc­cess story

Reclaim­ing an Eco Sys­tem — Cal­i­for­nia Suc­cess Story

Who Says Good Nutri­tion Means Ani­mal Fats? Weston A. Price

Unbe­lie­ve­able Plas­tic Buildup in Pacific Ocean

Hait­ian Women Reduced to Feed­ing Their Chil­dren Dirt mixed with Salt and Veg­etable Shortening

Organic agri­cul­ture: 70 peer-reviewed sci­en­tific articles

Is Your Pic­nic Filled with Franken-Food?

The Incred­i­ble Edi­ble Front Lawn

Orches­trat­ing Famine: A Must-Read Back­grounder on the Food Crisis

Slow Food Nation comes to San Francisco

Appro­pri­ate Tech­nol­ogy for Gar­den Irri­ga­tion: The Rope-Washer Pump

2000 year old Date Palm Seed Grows

Live­stock Guard Dogs

Bush Hog­ging Amer­i­can Style or Slash­ing Aus­tralian Style

Sunny or Windy, Which suits your Alter­na­tive Energy Needs?

Roof Top Wind Farms

Ecosys­tems with Many Plant Species Pro­duce More and Sur­vive Threats Better

Giant BioTech Com­pa­nies are Patent­ing Genes to Resist Cli­mate Change

Horses Aban­doned in West­ern US as Feed Prices Rise

Is Water becom­ing the New Peak Oil?

Fam­ily Seed Com­pany Takes on Goliath

Why Bananas are a Para­ble for Our Time

Ped­al­ing Toward Cleaner Cities

Peren­nial Poly­cul­ture Farm­ing– Seeds of Another Agri­cul­tural Revolution

Sink­ing with­out Trace: Australia’s Cli­mate Change Vic­tims in The Independent

Tak­ing the Fear Out of Eat­ing Fat

Prin­ci­ples of a Healthy Diet

The Gospel of Con­sump­tion and The Bet­ter Future We Left Behind in Orion Magazine

Bicy­cle Shar­ing Pro­gram to Be First of Its Kind in US in the New York Times

Avoid­able Hunger: More than bio­fu­els and pop­u­la­tion growth, it is rich coun­tries’ agri­cul­tural sub­si­dies that are caus­ing hunger in the devel­op­ing world in the Guardian

Eat Locally, Sur­vive Glob­ally in the Toronto Star

How to Be A Cli­mate Hero in Orion Magazine

Thou­sands Turn out in Aus­tralia to Hear Cuban Per­ma­cul­tur­ist Robert Perez (who was in the video The Power of Com­mu­nity: How Cuba Sur­vived Peak Oil)

Exposed: The Great GM Crops Myth. Major New study Shows Genet­i­cally Mod­i­fied Food Pro­duces 10% less food than its con­ven­tial equivalent

Entire Vil­lage Of Mar­tin UK turns Against Super­mar­kets and Grows Its Own Food

India’s Farm­ers Com­mit­ting Sui­cide from Bur­den of Cor­po­rate Spon­sored “Green Rev­o­lu­tion” — San Fran­cisco Chronicle

Back­yard Answer to the Energy Cri­sis with Per­ma­cul­ture co-founder David Holm­gren in the Syd­ney Morn­ing Herald

Build an Inte­gral Pas­sive Solar Hot Water Heater

Cana­dian Percy Schmeiser’s decade-long legal bat­tle with Mon­santo has finally come to an end.

Young Urban­ites Are Becom­ing Farm­ers– in New York Times

Food Cri­sis Will Take Hold Before Cli­mate Change warned Chief Scientist-in The Guardian

How to Make a Liv­ing Wil­low Dome from Long Wil­low Whips –from Wil­lows Nurs­ery in England

How to Decode Egg Car­tons: Not All Eggs Are Cre­ated Equal by Laura Sayre in Mother Earth News

The Home­stead Poul­try Flock by Har­vey Ussery, permaculturist

New Doc­u­men­tary King Corn is a lot more than filler fare by Angela Woodall from

The Five Stages of Col­lapse: Sur­viv­ing the Col­lapse of the Soviet Union by Dmitry Orlov

Use of Per­ma­cul­ture under drought and salin­ity con­di­tions from the Per­ma­cul­ture Research Institute

Wild Rice Moon by Winona LaDuke in Yes! Mag­a­zine Sum­mer 200: Food for Life

Ricekeepers-a Strug­gle to Pro­tect Bio­di­ver­sity and a Native Amer­i­can Way of Life by Winona LaDuke (Ojibwe Band) and exec­u­tive direc­tor of Honor the Earth in Orion Mag­a­zine Jul/Aug ’07

Can­di­date Cal­cu­la­tor. Easy to Use. Make a list of your val­ues, and see which can­di­date match your val­ues. From VA Joe..

How to Talk to a Cli­mate Skeptic

Use of Gas from Daily Wastes: Asian/Pacific Cul­tural Cen­ter for UNESCO

What if bad fat is not so bad? MSNBC Dec 13, 2007

How to Sleep Like a Hunter Gath­erer– Not all peo­ple sleep in “giant sleep machines” Dis­cover Jan 2, 2008

Amy Wells, 8, sur­vives car crash in wild after read­ing Willie Whitefeather’s book Out­door Sur­vival Hand­book for Kids

Let­ting rain­wa­ter reign in the design process, instead of rout­ing water off­site, work it into the project

This is The Hour: Mes­sage from Native Amer­i­can Hopi Elders

Diet with a Lit­tle Meat Uses Less Land Than Veg­e­tar­ian: Sci­ence Digest Oct 10, 2007

Safe, Inex­pen­sive Fer­til­izer for Food Crops: Sci­ence Daily Oct 8, 2007

Solar Soon to Be Cheaper Than Coal

Bay Area cleans up oil spill with hair and mushrooms

Mother Earth News Inter­view: Bill Mollison

Per­ma­cul­ture Reflec­tions: Inter­view with Geoff Lawton

In Context:Interview with Bill Mol­li­son

Arid Lands Newslet­ter: The Man Who Farmed Water

The Independent/UK: A World Dying, but Can We Unite to Save It?

Per­ma­cul­ture A Quiet Rev­o­lu­tion: Inter­view with Bill Mollison

Seeds of Change Inter­view: Bill Mollison

Seeds of Change arti­cle: Dar­ren Doherty comments

Regen­er­a­tive Design

The Future of Food: Monop­o­liz­ing Seeds that Feed the World by Devvy Kidd

What Will We Eat As The Oil Runs Out? by Richard Heinberg

Deal­ing with Radioac­tive Fall­out on the Farm

Thriv­ing in the Age of Collapse

Bac­te­ria Makes you Smarter

Why Gar­den­ing Makes You Happy and Cures Depression